In the early 1990s, Mr Claude Kennison compiled a publication based on his research into the lives and deaths of citizens of early Tallahassee, Florida. Mr Kennison spent untold hours searching through obituaries in Tallahassee area newspapers, records from the Old City Cemetery, and other published local histories. He also personally examined many of the grave markers in the Old City Cemetery.

The original publication includes a variety of information about each individual. Typically, each entry includes the individual's name, including maiden name where possible, birth and death dates, race, religion, profession and cause of death. Much of this data came from newspaper articles and obituaries, and the reference to these sources is included in the entry.

Mr Kennison's work was later turned into a database by Vivian Young, and the database was made available to the public at the offices of the Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board. In 1997, the State of Florida withdrew funding from most of the state's Historic Preservation Boards, and the Tallahassee Historic Preservation Board was disolved. Many of the assets of the HTPB were transferred to the Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation.

Mr Paul Donovan obtained a copy of the database from the Tallahassee Trust and created this web-enabled database. After all of Mr Kennison's data was put into the new database, it became obvious that other data about other cemetery records would also be useful. And so, the project has grown, and continues to grow, with the addition of data from various cemeteries. A search, by surname, will return a list of all those individuals in the database with that surname or maiden name. Where possible, there are links to additional information. Comments are welcome and should be sent to